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Bust Office Jerk 2


David has been working in the same boring company for years and he is really tired of the all bullshit in this company,and those office jerk and boring guys.And for years,he has to tolerate those idiot co-worker and office jerks.He has to work overtime almost everyday and sometimes even has to sacrifice his weekends.Day after day,David stand this and didnt say a word,until some day......It was a Friday at 5 p.m and David was finishing work until my boss wanted me to do some overtime."WHY ME !?ITS ALWAYS ME !My job isnt paid enough !And on top of it ...WHAT ?!?SYSTEM FAILURE!!!!!";David shouted out and he cant stand all the bullshit any more.He feels a need to beat someone or smash something.Now lets see what David will do after hes out his mind!!Help David to bust those office jerks and teach them a lession,dont let the boring days and office jerks kill you!